Presented by Geoffrey W. Peters, CDR Fundraising Group

What are a few simple techniques to improve copy in direct response messaging?  What is the latest research that underlies more effective direct mail, direct response television and digital marketing.  Learn how paying attention to Neuromarketing research results (neuroscience, behavioural economics, social psychology and cognitive psychology) will improve your effectiveness whether it be in the design of your messaging or the nature of your appeal.  These learnings cross media channels and apply to mail, television, telephone and digital marketing (e-mail and websites).  What are creative and strategic ways to improve your direct marketing in each channel.  Learn which teachings of commercial Neuromarketing apply to nonprofits in order to improve your results.  

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Date Presented:
July 15, 2015 2:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
This is Your Donor's Brain When They Get Your Message. What's the Best way to Tap In?
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